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Should Have a Free Map To War where no one is a friend of anyone?

  1. Yes, it would be Fantastic

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  2. No, the game already has many maps

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  1. Good to all players, good guys come up with another idea, I come to suggest a new area in the game, a zone with a look totally different, an area that when you enter into it the water would be almost black, an area that you would boat animations catching fire, destroyed islands, but this would only be the look of the map, the map purpose would be a free map where everyone can attack all, it would be a map which has no npc would be a full arena map of all against all where you kill yourself an ally of your guild you also gain pvp points, it would be a map just to war, a map without friends and without law, a map just war which could have access to level 1 and a corvette that just start playing could go over other players, I think it would be cool such a zone would be a place where anyone who wants to patent would go to her, and I believe this would also give excitement to the game, thinks only 100 players in a map where no one is a friend of no one, a map that you are sunk before you even catch fire, ever thought that? I think it would be amazing if you liked already know click to approve the topic leave your comments and give your vote

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