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The Game Should Have More Animations?

  1. Yes, the game is very still more animations leave a lot of fun and Real!

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  2. No, I think that even if the game is stopped would not improve more animations!

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  1. Good my dear players, come here from a suggestion, in my point of view the game is very still with few animations I want to suggest that has marine animals animations to because it's a pirate game for example: dolphins, orcas and even mermaids out of the water periodically and jumping up and then going to the seabed
    They should also have waves would hit the ship and espirraria water should have rain up as a pirate game no waves and no rain is kind of weird
    And another that I think would look good is to have day and night on the server time during the day is the day when going through the hours go dark, and when night to get the boat to stay with lights as if they were acessas lanterns and map get a little dark also have a fog zone right up because no pirate has super night vision (Note: neither day)
    Well guys these were some suggestions I hope that pleases the players already know they like to leave your comments click on approving the topic and vote in the poll and vlw good game to all!

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